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Black Lives Matter

A lot has been going on, and I admit that I am a bit late in writing this post. To be honest, I was really afraid of saying the wrong things as this is a very serious matter. But what’s worse is to say nothing at all.

The best way I can help is to speak up, support, and be a small part of the change. So here I am.

There’s a problem in America. It’s a HUGE problem, and it’s racism.

It is 2020, we CANNOT let the different physical attributes and skin colors to dictate how one should be treated.

I pledge to dedicate my time to educate myself further on this matter, to discuss the changes that are needed, and see how I can work to make it happen. I am here if you need any support, someone to listen, to amplify your voice, to talk, to discuss, or to teach me on how to be a better ally.

Let’s focus on how we can take care of one another, and fill the world with more kindness and love.

Let’s work together to find our common ground in humanity.


For those who would like to support, but don’t know how, here are some funds you can donate to:

(Send me your receipt, and I will match it!)


There are a lot of great resources on this issue. Here are a few that have helped me:


If you do end up going out to protest, please read this guide on how to protect your digital privacy, prepare yourself ahead of time:

  • bring a clean phone or don’t bring one if possible
  • if you do, encrypt it
  • use encrypted messaging apps (signal/telegram…etc)
  • disable biometrics
  • consider turning off location service on your phone
  • scrub faces and exif metadata from your pictures

Is Signal Safe?

Definitely safer than your normal text messaging or talking on Messenger.

For Signal usage, some things to keep in mind:

  • Signal relies on phone numbers for contact management. It WILL notifies everyone with your phone number in their contacts upon your registration. Signal only requires you to have access to that phone number during registration. You can register on a device not associated with the phone number you’re using with a QR code, provided you can access the registration code that they text you.
  • Text messages can be intercepted. Since Signal texts you a registration code upon registration, entities with bad intentions can re-register your number on a device they control. Though, you can set an account password (PIN), and lock your account. Once you do this, your PIN will be required to register your phone number on a new device until you leave Signal unopened for at least 7 days.

End-to-end encryption is great for everyone. Use it!

PS: You can further protect yourself and your browsing habits with tools from the EFF.